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Graduate Research Assistant | Software Engineer

rest of the world
against us oh little bird
give me your wings
as takes me the wind

to mountains home carries
the burdens on my shoulders
time whispers in my soul
a lily dies
and the storm lies before your eyes

captain needs me
give me your wings
I shall never see the death
death of all my deeds

Grace Hopper Celebration

GHC is the most comprehensive event that gathers women in tech all around the world to empower and support women in tech. I’m one of the student scholars who had a privilege to attend Grace Hopper Celebration 2019 in Orlando amongst thousands of attendees. Being part of the women in the tech army at the GHC fuelled me with passion, motivation, and courage. Surrounding with 25,000 talented, bright, and innovative women all around the globe was indescribable. GHC19 was an absolute game-changer! I believe my experience will light the way of ones who plan to attend GHC 2020 next year.

Howdy dear friend!

I love how people create content and help learners from all levels. I’ve learned coding, machine learning, and gained skills using online learning platforms, blog posts, etc. for my entire college life, and still, in my graduate studies, I do use online resources a lot.

Last year, I was studying different types of CNN architectures and taking some notes. I used mainly Medium or TowardsDataScience platforms and found relatively useful articles. I shared some of them on my personal website. Now, I decided to share them also here as a way of giving back to the community…

Asuman R. N. Celik

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